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I want to first off take the time to thank you for visiting our website. Whether you are looking to be apart of what we are doing, looking to partner with us, wanting to donate, or trying to see what WeCareTN is all about, we greatly appreciate you for going the extra mile in figuring out who we are and what we do.


I am Jasmine Tasaki, and I welcome you to our website. I am a staunch advocate and community organizer for transgender women and issues affecting trans rights, health, and housing. Throughout my work, intersectionality has become very important to me. I have worked as a PrEP navigator, an HIV counselor, Sexual Health Educator, and Cultural Competency Facilitator for the Memphis Police Department. I was also the first leader of trans experience in the National Urban League of Young Professionals (Health Literacy and Advocacy Chairperson, Memphis Chapter), and an Ambassador for the Black AIDS Institute. I work closely with the community to meet the needs identified by the community itself.

Please check out the rest of the site to see some of the projects we are working on, event dates, and to stay in the loop! We look forward to working with you in serving the LGBTQ+ community in the City of Memphis.

Thank you,

Jasmine Tasaki
Executive Director
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Jasmine Tasaki

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