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TransPro is a job readiness program with a focus on harm reduction and healing justice. The program is lead by black transgender sex workers, both current or former, who help educate other black transgender sex workers.

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A.L.O.T is a life skills program that focuses on self-care and self-healing through awareness and therapy. This program is lead by black transgender women of color for black transgender or gender-non-conforming people of color.

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Transpeak is a life skills course for all LGBTQIA+ identified people lead by black transgender women which features political education sessions, community based conversations around COVID-19, and personal & professional development.

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The main focus of this program is to break down the stigma around trans women of color and build self-esteem to empower them and teach them political education.

Project U.S.E ( Understanding Sex Workers Experiences) focuses on transgender women nationally to lead an HIV prevention strategy for transgender women at the intersection of Sex work and Drug Use.

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